Car title loans require minimal paperwork, and they would only require at least one valid Identification Card. This loan is a short-term loan that a lot of people could turn to whenever they need fast cash. You can use this money for anything you need: for bills, for vacations, or for emergency repairs. You do not need to provide a reason when you apply for an auto title loan.

Why Auto Title Loans?

The average application time for an Auto Title loan is fifteen minutes, and this can be done online. These Auto Title Loans are easy to get. Loans of smaller amounts can even be received in less than a day. There is minimal waiting time, and all you would have to do is meet the lender’s requirements for this kind of loan.

Some people would prefer this over their Payday Loans, especially if they need cash quick, and if they do not want to have their next pay check touched. These Title Loans are low risk, as long as you pay on time. Even people in between jobs can avail of this loan. Your car is considered as credit, and your ownership of the title is all that you need.

All car title owners are eligible for these loans, regardless of your credit standing. The application process is free and the matching service offered by the site is free as well.

How do you get an Title Loan?

The best thing about auto title loans is that you can get started on your application online. You will have to fill out the given application form. Make sure that all the information that you provide is up to date. The site can then match you up with an appropriate and trusted lender for free. You have the choice to pick which lender is best for you. You do not have to go with the site’s first choice, or agree with the lender’s terms if you think that you can get a better offer.

If you think you have been matched with a lender with good rates, all you will have to do is give them your papers. Usually this would require the application form with your complete name and address. They would also need to know your phone number, cell phone number, and email address. You will also need a copy of your valid government issued Identification Card, like a passport or driver’s license. You need to be at least 18 years of age to apply for this loan. If you can meet these requirements, and give proof of any form of income, you are almost guaranteed to get an approval.

The lenders can contact you through email or by phone to update you on the status of your loan. It is advised that you check for an update regularly to speed up the loan process.

Once your loan is approved, you must turn in your car title to the lender. You will most likely get the money after one business day. The lender will only give the title back to you when your loan is completely paid off. This is quite convenient, as you can still keep and drive your car even when you are under a car loan.

It is important that you review all the terms before accepting the car loan. When you sign the agreements for the loan, it is considered that you have understood all the details of the loan completely. Full compliance to the contract is needed in order to avoid any complications by the end of your loan.

How much can you get from a car title loan?

You can receive loans of up to 35,000 US Dollars. The minimum amount for car loans are usually $1,000, but it could also depend on the state where you reside.