Eligibility for the Loan

These loans offer the best and sometimes the only option for people who are not eligible for the conventional bank loans. Once secured with the title of your vehicle, it is possible to get loans that can give you money to the tune of $50,000 within 24 hours. The requirements are also very minimal when compared to the conventional loans.

Criteria for Approval

Requirements - titleloansunion.comThe first and foremost requirement for approval of the title loan is the ownership of the vehicle or truck you are borrowing money on. You should be the owner of the car and it should not have any outstanding payments or any present obligations.

If these conditions apply to your situation, you can readily fill in the online application form we provide and enter in all the necessary details requested including the year, model, make, style, and mileage of the car. These help in providing us the information we need to give you a loan quote that is pre-approved and free.

Paperwork You Need

To get the auto equity loan approved, you should provide documents related to:

  • Passport or driver’s license or any other government issued ID proof;
  • A paystub for proof of income;
  • Utility bills like water, gas or lease for residence proof;
  • Car insurance documents;
  • Two references;

We may call the references you have provided for confirmation of your identity, but the purpose behind it is that your loan application will not be revealed and all your details will be properly watched over.

What you need to have while picking up the cash loan

When you arrive at one of the locations that is convenient for you to pick up the loan amount, you need to provide us with:

  1. The title of the vehicle you are securing for the loan
  2. A set of spare keys of the vehicle

These will be held by us until all your repayment is complete. This also allows us to let you retain and drive the vehicle. The title and keys will be returned back safely once your loan repayment has been completely paid off.