You are in dire need of cash but the big and small lenders that you know of are not willing to give you a chance. The reasons are clear. Maybe your credit is bad or you are out of job.

Pawn Your Classic Car

Don’t fret. Stand up and consider a car title loan for classic vehicles from an auto title loan company. You would get your cash to bail you out of your problem without having to surrender the car to them. You still can use the car as you normally would. All that they need to do is keep the car’s title while you are paying your loan.

Easy Transactions
Transactions with car title loan companies are easy. As long as your vintage car has value, they can give you what you want within the day that you filed your application. The allowable loan amount for a car is also easily determined. They will assess the car’s current value and then ask you if you want to get that amount or a lower amount which you can easily pay.

No Burdensome Penalties
There are no prepayment penalties imposed on car title loans, so you can easily say goodbye to your payment obligations for the coming months at a time when you have enough money to cover for the remaining premiums.

No Employment Requirement
It doesn’t matter if you are currently unemployed, or self-employed or under bankruptcy. Car title loan companies only require applicants to provide proof that they have the means to make payments. Thus, a car title loan is a very convenient option for people with uncommon income that varies monthly.

Documents to Prepare
Get ready with your driver’s license, personal references, proof of residence, proof of income if working, and a copy of the car title or registration. Once ready with these documents, you are good to go. On the same day that you apply, you will get your money to pay your bills or buy the things needed for a well-deserved family vacation.

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